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European Brokerage House (EBH) ЕООD

Инвестиционен посредник Юропиън Брокеридж Хаус ООД

EBH is a licensed investment intermediary within the meaning of the MFIA and is regulated and authorized by the FSC. Provides trading services for CFDs on: currencies, indices, commodities and other derivatives; through the MetaTrader platforms. EBH is an intermediary complying with all legal and regulatory requirements, applying them in a timely and complete manner to protect all his clients. The service offered is STP / ECN with 24-hour online customer support in several languages.

All the information about the services and products offered by EBH is provided through the Company’s Website.

Contact with European Brokerage House ЕООD

Sofia, Bulgaria
Vazrazhdane District, 33 Shar Planina Str., fl. 2, office 8
URL: https://ebhforex.com
Tеl: +359 2 4374073