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“TEXIM BANK” Plc. is a financial institution with considerable experience and a proven reputation. Since it was established in 1993. “TEXIM BANK” Plc. has got a full license for all banking and financial operations, incl. such as an investment intermediary. „TEXIM BANK“ Plc. provides its clients services with competitive conditions and a wide range of investment opportunities, both on the local and international markets. The bank also operates as a registration agent for transactions or other operations with financial instruments. “TEXIM BANK” Plc. develops and implements modern practices and digital capabilities for more convenience, speed and transparency when submitting, accepting and executing customer orders.

Please find more information at: www.teximbank.bg

Contact with TEXIM BANK Plc.:

Bulgariea, Sofia 1303,
117 Todor Aleksandrov Blvd.
Working hours on weekdays:
8.30 am – 5.30 pm
URL: https://www.teximbank.bg/en/
Tеl: +359 2 903 55 00, 0 700 10 115
Е-mail: custody@teximbank.bg