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About  BALII

The Bulgarian Association of Licensed Investment Intermediaries (BALII) is an organization of legal entities authorized to operate as an investment intermediaries. The Association was established with the primary objective of protecting the interests of the guild and the imposition in the public domain as an active partner of the institutions involved in the development of the capital market in Bulgaria.

The fundamental idea underlying BALII’s activity is combining the sustainable establishment of the principles of equitable trade, high standards of professional ethics, protection of the interests of investors, development of the capital market.

BALII’s ambition as the only organization representing investment intermediaries is to position itself as an active participant in the formation of laws and the regulatory framework in general relating to the organization and the regulation of the capital market and to contribute to the promotion of trade and investment in securities.

The core priorities in the work of the Association are:

  • “Regulatory framework”;
  • “Market Development”;
  • “Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Central Depository, European trading platforms and new technologies”;
  • “Training and qualification, training of brokers and investment advisers”;
  • “Public Relations and the Media”.

BALII is an organization open to all whose interests it represents. invitation for membership to all investment firms that are not members of BALII as well as commercial banks operating as an investment firm remains effective.