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Инвестиционен посредник БенчМарк Финанс

BenchMark Finance is an investment intermediary, part of the structure of BenchMark Group, established in 2003, which is regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission and is licensed under the MiFID.
The company offers investment services and online trading of over 30 000 financial instruments on the international financial markets, including over 19 000 stocks on 36 world stock exchanges, over 200 future contracts, over 180 currency pairs, 9000 CFDs and others.

Learn more about the company on their official website.

Contact with BenchMark Finance

Sofia, Bulgaria,
32, Cherni vrah blvd., entr.A
URL: https://www.benchmark.bg
Tеl: +359 962 57 95
Е-mail: office@benchmark.bg