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Central Cooperative Bank Plc

Central Cooperative Bank Plc is an investment intermediary with many years of traditions and great experience. The Bank has a full license as an investment intermediary since 1997 and offers the following services to its clients:

  • securities broker – executing orders for clients as well as trading for its own account;
  • preparation of IPO prospectuses;
  • underwriting of securities

As a primary dealer approved by Bulgarian Ministry of Finance, Central Cooperative Bank Plc is a long standing participant on the primary market of government bonds. As such the Bank participates actively on the primary and secondary market of government bonds in Bulgaria as for the clients as well as for its own account. In addition, the Bank actively trades in government bonds on the international debt markets, and it is focused predominantly on CEE countries.

To ensure its activity as an investment intermediary and a primary dealer of government bonds the Bank disposes a highly qualified team of licensed professionals with many years of experience in securities trading.

Additional information is available at the official web site .

Contact with Central Cooperative Bank Plc

Sofia, Bulgaria
87 Tsarigradsko shose blvd
уеб сайт: https://www.ccbank.bg
Tелефон: +359 (2) 9234 777
Е-mail: trader@ccbank.bg