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ЮГ Маркет ЕАД

Investment Intermediary UG MARKET CO is among the first licensed investment intermediaries in Bulgaria since 1998 with a decision of the Securities and Exchange Commission, currently the Financial Supervision Commission. Immediately after that the company became a member of the Central Depository, and from January 1999 of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. Since 2002 UG Market CO is present in the rankings of the BSE, and since 2003 it is among the top five investment intermediaries in terms of the number of concluded transactions. UG Market CO is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund and BALII.
For more than 20 years the company has been providing high quality financial services to its clients, tailored to their individual preferences – investment banking, trust management, activity as a registration agent and others. UG MARKET CO offers one of the lowest commissions for concluding deals on the BSE through its electronic trading system UG Market Trader.
Investment Intermediary South Market CO is headquartered in Plovdiv, but the company’s offices are available to customers in Sofia and Varna.

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Contact with UG MARKET CO:

Plovdiv, 4018,
Northern District, 7A Kolyu Ficheto Street,
URL: https://ugmarket.com
Tel: +359 32 625 401
Е-mail: office@ugmarket.com